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Welcome to Validus!

Validus Technology Group provides information technology and business solutions which exceed our clients’ needs.


Our Focus

Our key focus is to “Transform” small to mid-sized companies via a combination of the following four methods.


Mitigate risks to the business from an IT security perspective.  Eliminate, reduce, remediate vulnerabilities.


Migrate aged and vulnerable technologies to newer, secure, and more efficient technologies.


Refine business processes to improve productivity and create more efficient workflows with better use of new technologies.


Integrate the flow of data across applications for the business from both internal and external sources.

IT Projects and Managed Services

At Validus Technology Group we control costs by maintaining a Core Team and a Virtual Bench of talent – best-of-breed independent contractors who are ready to deploy and achieve your objectives.
You get the right professionals for your project at reasonable fees, unburdened by the typical consulting company’s cost to maintain a large permanent staff that may not be right for your project.

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